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Project Description
Windows Phone 8 library implementing Windows 8/WinRT classes FileIO and PathIO for simple file manipulation.

About WP.IO
Windows 8 Runtime contains two really useful classes for file manipulation: FileIO and PathIO.
Even though Windows Phone 8 API contains lot of WIndows Runtime parts, some useful API is still not there, including FileIO and PathIO.
This library is filling this gap. It implements fully both classes when keeping the same class signature of original Windows 8 classes. Thanks to WP.IO you can now share most of your file manipulation code between Windows Phone and Windows 8 projects, in case you are developing app for both platforms.

Available on NuGet
This library is available for download on NuGet as a package named WP.IO. Note it's currently published as "prerelease" package until all unit tests are completed and unlikely initial bugs are found.

Feedback wanted
I'd be grateful, if you take a look on the source code and let me know of any potential issues or possible performance improvements, thanks :)

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